[Most Reliable Car Brands] In Spain has patented a recharging system for electric cars


Fuente: Most Reliable Car Brands

If nothing or no one to remedy the expansion that will live in the car electric in a few years will be exponential. Why I say this, because somehow it will solve the problem of the emissions and pollution of the cities, and this will make the electric car become the protagonist. This situation will in the great majority of developed countries of the world and that includes Spain also, but you’ll have to fix other problems before.

Marks of cars want that their ranges are composed by vehicles electrical in their majority in a few years. These models will arrive to many customers particular that, as expected, they will live in buildings with garages community. However, mostly, these garages will not be enabled for a large number of electric vehicles to take the pulse of your electrical network and there is where comes the new charging system patented in Spain.

We all know that in order to have a vehicle electric we should have a decision current near to recharge. This operation, if we live in a communal building you can complicated since it is necessary to perform a new installation, with what that involves of paperwork and costs. However with this new system the owner of an electric vehicle may connect your power outlet to the power supply network community without spending a euro to the community.Plug & Go Solutions (Pluggo) has patented a system that allows you to connect to easy, fast and economic a charging point to the box of general electricity of the community. The advantage comes in the ability to discriminate the power consumption of the drive when it is connected to the charging point.

With this system, called Pluggo Energy Management, not to be a new supply contract with the electricity company and therefore saves costs by the minimum of contracted power, the rental the counter as well as the tax that are linked to this type of supplies.

We hope that this new charging system made in Spain to expand by more european countries and we can see how our technology triumphs in the world.